Wednesday, March 26, 2014

February 2014

Sis. Hills celebrated her birthday on the 16th~

And here are a few more photos~

From an email dated February 17, 2014:

"My birthday week was seriously a week of miracles. Sister Duarte and I had some pretty incredible experiences. The first one was with Aulda and her neto, Fabrício. She had already been taught by the other missionaries about two or three years ago. She is pretty amazing and already knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. We had some pretty interesting lessons with her about forgiveness and repentance. Her family has suffered a lot because one of her daughters decided to leave her kids and marry some guy from Goiania. Now this daughter is super religious and doesn´t have anything to do with the kids. It´s really unfortunate. 

On Monday night, Sister Duarte and I went to visit some people with Renata (she´s pretty much the coolest Relief Society president and ward missionary). We met a man named Charles who said that he didn´t believe in God, but gave us his address so that we could talk to his wife/girlfriend. (They aren´t married, but call each other husband and wife. It´s a Brasil thing.) When we went to visit Julieli, the wife, she originally said that she didn´t believe in anything either. Both Sister Duarte and I wanted to just leave, but the Spirit told us to ask her about her life and listen. She has had a super rough life. She was abandoned by her mom when she had 13 years old and went to live with some guy she didn´t even like. She was involved with drugs and never finished middle school. Now we are helping her to find some ways to finish her schooling and gain some training to help her. Charles doesn´t really want anything. He just says he doesn´t believe anything he can´t see and that the only thing he believes in is the power of the human being. How unfortunate. 

On my birthday, we just worked and worked. It was raining all day long. We got super soaked. The streets here are cobblestone so the water just runs and runs. The streets turn into rivers and it is just beautiful. We joke that only "eleitos" are in the streets on a rainy Sunday. We had the weather and a soccer game working against us, but still managed to find some people to teach. I don´t think I will forget this birthday! 

Com Amor,
Sister Abbie Hills"

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