Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Update

This week has been super awesome. In the past TWO weeks I have sung "How Can I Keep from Singing" in a small group, "Eu Sei que Vive Meu Redentor" as a solo and played the piano for "Este e O Cristo". God is definitely helping me to use my talents. We went to the city center on Wednesday and handed out copies of the Book of Mormon. One guy was very emotional and in return gave us a book on ghosts in Sao Paulo. We didn't keep that book. Another we gave it to him and passed by him later and he was ALREADY reading it! Que legao! (How cool!) So my favourite experience this week has been with our investigator, Pedro. We have been trying to get him to pray for the past four lessons and he has a difficult time with it because his wife and son recently died and left him alone with another son and he feels like God has abandoned Him. BUT we have been very patient and loving and he FINALLY prayer with us! I don't think I have ever experienced that kind of joy in my life. 

Love you! -- 1 Corinthians 10:13
Sister Abbie

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